General Terms and Conditions

General Business Terms and Conditions

General Business Terms and Conditions in cooperation with "KVARNER EXPRESS-croservice group"

General Business Terms and Conditions

Putnička agencija KVARNER EXPRESS d.o.o. (travel agency Ltd.) sjedište (headquater): Obala M. Tita 53, 52221 Rabac, Istra, Hrvatska, "KVARNER EXPRESS-croservice group" (in further text "Croservice group") offers services to the traveller – guest (in further text "guest") directly over the internet, respectively the internet service that connects travel agencies, respectively croservice group partners (in further text "agency"). Croservice group acts as intermediary between guest and agency in selling of various accommodation, hotel, travel and other services from different providers of tourist services (in further text "service providers"). A exclusively, so called contract of representation is concluded between the guest and the croservice group to mediate external services. In its case the croservice group is committed to accomplish the wished intermediation duly and accurately. The service contract comes into effect exclusively with the agency as intermediary between different tourist services providers, which the guest has chosen along with the wanted service.

1. Concluding a Contract

Croservice group uses the accommodation capacities offered by the agency based on the contracts concluded with the tourist service provider. It overtakes the responsibility of mediation between a guest and agency. Croservice group forwards the guest’s wishes to those agencies, i.e. service providers chosen by the guest. A contract for services is realised when the agency confirms them. The contract for services is strictly based on the respective agency’s terms and conditions and its service description. Additional wishes are entirely non-binding on the agency, i.e. service provider. According to most of the agency’s general business terms and conditions, the agreements which go beyond the limits of the described services specifically require a written confirmation of accepting the agreement in the booking confirmation. All other verbal agreements are invalid. The accommodation and other indicated services are described only on the croservice group and partners’ website. When croservice group receives from the guest an order for service mediation, it is primarily a query regarding a binding service, i.e. services. The guest will receive a confirmation of booking possibilities within 2 workdays. The agency is bound to that offer for at least 24 hours. The offer expires unless a booking is made by e-mail or customer centre within that time.

2. Description of Services
The offered accommodation facilities are described according to the official classification of tourist facilities used when services are published on the internet. The standards of accommodation, food, services, etc. in certain places and regions vary and cannot be compared.

3. Service Payment
See special conditions of the relative tourist facility.

4. Travel Service Price
See special conditions of the relative tourist facility.

5. Sojourn Tax
According to the applicable law on the sojourn tax in the Republic of Croatia, the guest/citizen who uses the accommodation service at a facility specialised in catering or tourist activities outside his place of residence pays the sojourn tax. The sojourn tax fee for a certain booking depends on the tourist destination in Croatia and on the date of travel. It is charged according to these general terms and conditions when the final accommodation fee is paid. It is more closely defined in special conditions which apply to the respective accommodation facility.

6. The Guest’s Right to Cancellation and Changes
See special conditions of the relative tourist facility.

7. The Agency’s or Service Provider’s Right to Cancellation and Changes
See special conditions of the relative tourist facility.

8. Services by Different Service Providers or Agencies
A contract for services is not made when croservice group receives an order from the guest to put a query for different services and to serve as an intermediary. Due to administrative-technical reasons, croservice group by order of certain agencies for particular services makes out a joint account-booking confirmation and paid deposit confirmation-voucher.  In terms of all the individual services, croservice group acts only as an intermediary.

9. Travel Insurances

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance, especially travel cancellation insurance. The guest can arrange his or her own insurance, but is in that case responsible for resolving issues related to the insurance.

10. Warranty and Complaints
See special conditions of the relative tourist facility.

11. Intermediary Obligations

Croservice group is obliged to make sure that the arranged service is fulfilled. Croservice group will thoroughly meet all the listed obligations as it is arranged, except in the case of exceptional circumstances (see section 7).

12. Guest Obligations

The guest is obliged to:
- have valid travel documents
- comply with the customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia
- comply with the applicable house rules at the booked accommodation facilities and fully cooperate with the service providers
- upon the arrival to the accommodation, show the agency the paid deposit confirmation-voucher  i.e. service providers voucher, (see special conditions of the relative tourist facility).
In case the guest does not comply with these rules, he must compensate for the costs to the agency and, if necessary, to the intermediary, croservice group.

13. Luggage
Croservice group does not cover the costs of damaged, destroyed or lost luggage. The same applies to the theft of luggage or valuable items from the accommodation facility (if possible, we strongly recommend that you get a safe-deposit box). The loss or theft of luggage must be reported to the service provider and local police station.

14. Personal Data Protection
In order to respect your privacy, the following principles are applied:
- we explicitly say when we need your personal data
- we forward your personal data only to that third-party which is important for the booking process
- we use your personal data only to process your requests on the internet
Please check your personal data and immediately report any changes or errors so that we can ensure a smooth exchange of information about our services.

The Customer provides personal data voluntarily. Personal data of the Customer are necessary in the process of realization of the requested service. These shall also be used for further mutual communication.
Kvarner Express d.o.o. undertakes not to export the Customer’s personal data abroad, or provide any third persons with such information, except for the purposes of realization of the requested service.Customer’s personal data shall be kept in a database, pursuant to the Decision of the Administration regarding the manner of collecting, processing and keeping personal data.
The Customers allow their personal data to be used for the purposes of  Kvarner Express activities.

15. Change of Business Terms and Conditions
Croservice group reserves the right to change the website terms of use and other business terms and conditions. The changes will not affect the already made and paid bookings.

16. Website Terms of Use
Croservice group website serves only to inform the guests about the agency offers based on descriptions and photos, to check the available dates for accommodation booking and to make bookings. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the transactions via our web pages can be made only by adults. Having this in mind, you are taking full financial responsibility for your transactions or transactions made by minors in your household. Also, you are responsible for minors using your personal data as well as for the authenticity and accuracy of your personal data, which you have given us for the purposes of booking and financial transactions. In case you misuse these web pages (false bookings, etc.), your access will be denied.

17. Note
By paying the deposit for the booking of accommodation, the guest fully accepts these General Business Terms and Conditions. Croservice group holds all the rights, including the right to errors and misprints.

18. Court Competence
In case the guest is not satisfied with the complaint procedure, the matter will go to arbitration court. In such cases, the court of the Republic of Croatia has jurisdiction.
19.How to make a complaint
Regarding Article .6, paragraph 1.item 3. of the Law of  Providing Tourism Services - Narodne novine, No.130/17 we herby inform customer that complaints about the quality of our services can be submitted in writing within these business premises and will be given them a confirmed receipt of that complaint in writing without delay. 

A complaint can also be submitted  : by mail to the folowing address: O.M.Tita 53,52 221 Rabac, or by e-mail:  

 The answer to a written complaint of consumer we will give in writing no later than 15 days from the receipt of the complaint