Gastro-simphony in Rabac

Gastronomic offer is one of the focal points of Rabac's hospitality. As it may often be heard, the peak of a good holiday is good food and drink.


Excellent cooks and waiters in many restaurants by the sea and delicacies typical for this climate will mark your vacation. Delicious fresh fish, lobster, langoustines and other shellfish are characteristic features of the menus along with the country cuisine, whose particular forte is homemade past with various meat sauces. Fuži (local variety of pasta) or njoki (gnocchi) with game sauce, krafi (sweet and savory cheese filled pasta parcels) with sauce, or pasutice (local pasta variety) with dried cod are only a few of the many recipes we learned from our grandmothers. The famous manestra (a hearty broth of beans with corn or barley), homemade sausages, zarebnjak (dried loin of pork) with sauerkraut, pršut (dried ham),  are specialties you must taste in konoba (traditional meeting places built in stone with a large fireplace, exposed beams and rustic wooded furniture).

A number of restaurants offer international as well as local food . We mentioned here just some of them that you must try in order to get to know better this area you have chosen for your holiday destination.