Fun and leisure in Rabac and Labin

In the summer there is plenty of entertainment and cultural contents in Rabac and Labin. Summer carnival parade of many masked groups, is one of the main attractions in Rabac. In the port are organised many concerts of the city orchestra and their guests, and on a regular basis you can taste traditional specialties if you visit cultural manifestation "What have our grandmothers cooked".


The picturesque town of Labin is located on a 320 m high hill, only 3 kilometres away from the sea. The town was inhabited 2000 years BC. Its ancient name was Alvona, which in Celtic language means a town on a hill. Labin changed many rulers and authorities over the centuries and each of them has left a mark in its identity. The town still preserves the spirit of its noble past, while its beauty keeps attracting large number of tourists.

The historical centre of Labin shines with magical atmosphere and unique attractiveness. It is an excellent example of a city acropolis, with its medieval walls and narrow streets leading towards superior views.

Today the ancient Albona is a town of artists. Their studios and galleries are scattered along its narrow charming streets.
Old town Labin turns into an open stage every summer. Rich programm of Labin Art Republik goes on from the beginning of July til the end of August. On open and closed locations many musical, scene, art and other shows are performed by local and foreign artists. Harmony-singing groups ("klape"), classics, street art, folklore, theater performances, surprises for children are some parts of the program. Labin Art Republic is a project that revives historic and cultural heritage of the medieval town of Labin.

You can attend night sightseeing and hear different legends about the town history; visit the National museum that was declared one of the 10 most original museums in Croatia where a replica of a mine shaft is presented.

For entertainment you can also find in one of many cafes in Rabac and enjoy an exotic cocktail and the sounds of various kinds of music.