Packages +

We have prepared several different offers for our clients. When booking the accommodation (min. 7 nights) in private apartments in Rabac, we offer you to choose one of the following packages.


Packages include:

  • guarantee you lowest prices (discounts related to the price on the day of arrival the guest)
  • requisite on the St.Andrea beach (winner of Blue flag)
  • It is valid while booking private accommodation in Rabac (with min. of 7 nights) in period 03.06 – 09.09.2023.

While booking (in the REQUEST FORM) under the section COMMENT please specify the name of the package you would like to use.

1. Family Package

Family Package
(min. 1 adult + 1 child up to 14 years)
Renting the deck chair on the beach
  • adults 20% discount
  • 1 child (up to 14 years)- Gratis
  • every other child ( up to 14 years)- 50% discount
Use of Aqua park
  • children up to 14 years -  1 hour gratis

2. Duo Plus Package

Duo Plus Package
(min. 2 adults)
Renting the deck chair on the beach
  • adults 20% discount
  • 20% discount

3. Full Package

Full Package
(min. 2 adults)
Renting of requisites listed below
  • 10% discount


Price list in Eur/kn    for all requisites on St. Andrea Beach 2023.
Deck chair 10,00 /    75,35/day
Parasol 5,00 /   37,67 day
Pedal boat 20,00/ 150,70day
Aqua park 12,00 /     90,41hour
Aqua park 25,00/    188,36 day
* Motor-boat with cabin (max. 8 pers.) - DALMATINKA 110,00/828,80 day
  Motor-boat with cabin (max. 8 pers.)  

* Fuel is included. Price is per hour/day regardless of the number of people.

FTK :7,53450